Presidents’ Weekend Marathon 12:Cemetery Man

“Please don’t, he’s only eating me!”

“Move aside!”

“Mind your business! I shall be eaten by whoever I please!”


Surreal, funny, rambling, surreal, gory, surreal, Cemetery Man is a mind-bending hoot. An Italian production, I think it was in English. I couldn’t see evidence of dubbing, though the credits included “voca.” I’m thinking that was for the Italian release. The confusion adds to the overall atmosphere. Rupert Everett is a zombie slaying night watchman at a cemetery where the dead won’t stay dead. He takes it in stride, until he falls in love with a lovely widow. Again, and again. Something snaps, and the living become fair game.

Based on the Italian Dylan Dog comic, this flick has several plots, though none of them are particularly coherent. That’s sort of the point. Or part of the point. Or I didn’t get the point. But I did like it. I’m not a zombie fan, but Everett’s matter-of-fact style thrown in with the sheer strangeness of the narrative proved entertaining.

If you’re a fan of both David Lynch and Sam Raimi, as I am, this twister is a good bet for you.

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