Presidents’ Weekend Marathon 14:Bent

I don’t know why, but I kept expecting this movie to get sappy and hollywood. Despite the theme, I think I considered this a mainstream movie about WWII, and we all know how those go. Thankfully, it was more true to itself than that.

Visually, psychologically, even musically (thanks to Philip Glass), Bent is spare and stylish. Though marketed as a concentration-camp drama, the setting is merely of a backdrop for the struggle of one man to accept love and move beyond himself, and the horrors of war are studied more obliquely.

Particularly telling is one scene that made me think and smirk at the same time: Clive Owen as Max is berated for being too rough–in imaginary sex. The imagination is his the proving ground, and the only expression of freedom allowed.

Oh, and Mick Jagger looks kinda cool in drag.

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  1. jane says:

    you should read the play by martin sherman (where the movie came from)…hugely affecting. if you ever get a chance to see it performed (i actually saw it in portland in the early 90s), do it.