Queen of the Damned

TRAILER ALERT: I don’t think I have ever, in all my years of movie going, laughed my ass off all the way through a trailer. I was chuckling when De Niro showed up. Chortling when Murphy started in. Then William Shatner said: “C’mon guys, let’s jump some hood!” and I lost it. I will not be missing Showtime.

Queen of the Damned was fun, end to end. I expected the book to be a mere jumping off point, but writer Scott Abbott did a good job of translating large chunks of the novels (it covers two) to the screen. A charismatic cast inhabits stylish set pieces–there is an abundance of eye candy all around. Perhaps more for the women than the men. I won’t complain. Townsend is good, if a tiny bit weak, as the megalomaniac with a heart, Lestat. More fun is Vincent Perez as Marius. He isn’t always great, but he gets prankish nicely.

Rymer finally catches the movement of the vampire. Perhaps he spends too much time on this–but he expresses the other-worldliness of the immortals with seductive touches. Concert scenes are especially effective as he reveals the aliens in our midst.

Expressive use of color, good editing, and even some surprisingly good music make Queen something to catch on the big screen.

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  1. michel v says:

    I hear Vincent Perez is going to play Lestat soon, by the way.