Invisible Sun

I was walking home tonight happily humming Police tunes, a little late because I sat in the office chatting with a friend on the phone. Yes, on the phone. A pleasant surprise for me, I’ve rediscovered the joy of conversation.

I won’t name names, but many years ago I knew someone. We were close; we’d call one another every single day. And talk about nothing. As I grew away from her, the phonecalls became more and more uncomfortable, until finally they were fucking excruciating. That, and a helpdesk job, put me off phones for a long time. It was an accident I found out I like them again.

Remember about two years ago there was a blog fad where people signed up for a free 800 number, and you could call and leave them message? Ureach was the place that did it. I signed up for the number, and stayed for the superior webmail long after the free 800s were gone. Ureach continued to offer the number for a fee, but I’d never used it much anyway (did anyone?), so I dropped it.

A few days ago, I logged in to my email account to find–gasp!–advertisements. I’d been looking for an excuse to change to one of their paid plans for a while. I like the company, they just didn’t offer anything I wanted. Phone service? Bah. But the ads got me moving. Desperate, I signed up for their premium (still pretty cheap) plan. Suddenly, I had a toll-free number again, and a crapload of free minutes. But this time it was different. Not just a message phone, the new toll-free numbers forward to wherever you are–you receive an actual phonecall. You talk to humans.

I did what anyone would do. I told my friends. I used the outgoing service to call some, too. It was…fun. Next thing I knew, 120 free minutes became 17.

My only regret about the new number is that it doesn’t work from overseas. There are people I want to talk to on other continents, dammit! But at least it covers Canada. And no, I’m not posting it on the page like the old days. This sucker rings my home, and that is sacrosanct. Those that are going to get it already have it.

So Cat has gone phone-friendly. Anybody got a coat the Devil can borrow?

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  1. michel v says:

    Awww too bad it doesn’t work from overseas… then again I got cheap prices on calls to USA+Canada+Europe, so I won’t be complaining that much 😀