I’ve been thinking about doing a new bio in the form of a silly Ode to Me. I may still, but I thought I could have a little more fun than that. Instead, Haikyou: (bad) Haiku to my favorite people. Here’s a beginning. If I’m not killed by my unwilling subjects, there will be more to come.

X-phile amazing
Does she love the Duchovny?
Moreso: Anderson.

A little gay porn
Never hurt the merest mouse
Perhaps mussed his fur.

All hobos beware
Libertarian distaste
Will chase you with wit.

9 Responses to Haikyou

  1. Paul says:

    Those are great. I knew each one right away. Especially True.

    If you write one for me, can you mention peanut butter somehow? Thanks.

  2. jr says:

    ~I am only in favor of this until my vanity is sated.~

    %The lie is that I will still be in favor of it after my vanity is sated.%

  3. Cat says:

    There can be no haiku about Paul without the inclusion of peanut-butter porn. 🙂

    You’re both on the list. This is fun.

  4. Sen says:

    Kitty-ku blooming
    like sudden spring flowers
    brighten my netscape.

    Ewww, bad haiku, worse pun. At least I tried.

  5. Cat says:

    See, this is why the Sennster gets the smooches.

  6. Trubie says:

    Talk about making my day!! 🙂

    I want to be Cat.
    Movie critic astounding,
    Brilliance, flowing words.

  7. Dave A says:

    Exuberant hues
    A fiery passion proves
    Kitty my elf ho.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Frytopia: the Sennster gets the smooches.

    He he he. Smooch!

  9. Jerwin says:

    Gay porn in a haiku…. *chuckles*