Don’t Mess With Westworld

I don’t normally get like this. I can usually be objective about remakes, and take them on their own merits. But not this time.

Westworld is a long-time favorite, and one of the few films I find genuinely scary. The image of Yul Brynner’s robotic face under the human mask still gives me nightmares. I am hating Schwarzenegger for even considering the part. They can do nothing for this film but fuck up my sweet memories.

May they all find themselves at the mercy of homicidal robots, damn them.

2 Responses to Don’t Mess With Westworld

  1. Cute K-Dog says:

    In my opinion, all the silly movie studios should never ever make a remake of an old film. They usually end up screwing them up.

    I remember when Roger Ebert reviewed the 1998 remake of Psycho and said that he felt he was “watching a provincial stock company doing the best it could without the Broadway cast”

  2. Cat says:

    Here’s the thing: we need a better way than remakes to introduce a new audience to great films. Last night, I watched Citizen Kane for the first time, and I was fucking floored. Do people even know that 13 Ghosts was a remake of an earlier goofy b-movie with Marty Milner?

    It chafes my scrote, and I don’t even have one.