Session 9

Brad Anderson has a subtle knack for mood. While many directors hit you in the head with camera effects and cliche jump-getters, Anderson is comfortable depending upon the creepiness of a place, and faces of his actors.

Session 9 is the story of a crew of asbestos removers, each under their own form of stress, as they complete a high-pressure job in what must be the eeriest place on earth, the Danvers State Mental Hospital. As you might guess, bad things happen. Clues and misdirection make for an entertaining mystery.

Session 9 winds up slowly (much like Next Stop Wonderland), and the mood creeps in until you’re staring wide-eyed at the screen, afraid to move. I regret not seeing it on the big screen as I’m sure the fear would have been more encompassing. On the other hand, I want to sleep again someday. Big thanks to jr for getting me to see this movie. I definitely recommend renting this and watching it with all the lights out. Bring a friend.

4 Responses to Session 9

  1. jr says:

    I’m so psyched you liked it. Freaking *rules*, that movie does. My review of it is at the bottom of this page, if’n anyone’s interested in how I convinced fry to see it:

    *~patiently~ waits for copy from Amazon*

  2. Cat says:

    You know, reading my review again, I believe I understated. The more I think about it, the more brilliance I see in this film. It shits bricks that it didn’t get the publicity it deserved.

  3. Do it Gordon!!!!!