April 1

On the office copier today: THIS COPIER IS NOW VOICE-ACTIVATED. SPEAK YOUR COMMANDS SLOW AND LOUD. Pretty funny despite the grammar. Wish I’d done it.

The web is abloom with April Fool’s jokes. Every year I lament my lack of one. I’m creative. I have a sense of humor. I just never quite get on the ball in time.

I did think about doing a long entry about how I finally want a baby. I decided that would scare the crap out of too many of my friends. When I’m writing a joke like that, I’m far too earnest.

Luckily, you don’t have to depend upon me for the good jokes. Check out Google’s secret search technology, MetaFilter’s new ownership, eBay’s fashion tips, and let Martha Stewart show you how to make a delicious glass of ice water.

All these folks are better than me, and I bow to them.

ADDENDUM: I found clips of my favorite April Fool’s joke ever: 1957’s Spaghetti Harvest.

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