Girl or Boy Brain?

I was talking with my friend Bill last night about gendered thinking preferences. When I took a Myers-Briggs for work (the full version), the analyst was surprised when he met me. He’d assumed I was Cat like Cat Stevens, so male are my thinking preferences.

Bill had taken a quick quiz in a book called Brain Sex to determine that, well, I’d better not tease him about swinging both ways again.

The Brain Sex test is online, and unlike the Myers-Briggs, it’s short and to the point. The test is weighted for your birth gender, so you’ll end up with either a Male or Female score, but they show you both. If I’d been a male, I would have scored 5, or Normal Male. My female score was 20: Masculine Female. No surprises there.

Addendum: Bill scored a 65, or Feminine Male, for the male score, and a 100 (Extremely Female) on the Female score. Yes, as a matter of fact this will be an endless source of entertainment for me.

2 Responses to Girl or Boy Brain?

  1. Bill says:


  2. Cat says:

    Mmmhmm. 😛 away, girlie-brain.