Time Is On My Side

For most folks in the States, it’s that ~wonderful~ time of year when we get to “spring forward.” Setting my clock this morning got me thinking about my recurring irritation: the innacuracy of my PC clock. Damned thing is always losing time. I decided to find some solutions.

I used to depend upon CNN World Time with their nifty flash interface. The wacky Swatch™ InternetTime always makes me giggle. It’s a concept whose time never came. Unfortunately, I recently discovered time-zone errors–they weren’t keeping up with the Daylight Savings Time switch properly. I know it’s tough to track, but when you boast an entire page about time, you’d better be right. Also, I wanted my solution to be more automated. I didn’t just want to look up the time and set my own clock. How passe.

Because I’m a bit antiquated, I downloaded AtomTime98. It hooks up with the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado, and synchs up my PC. I’m happy. The Atomic Clock Sync looks interesting and is free, but is a bit more complex than I need to get.

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