I’ve been snobhopping again.

All about online privacy with Privacy Digest….nifty layout, but it pisses me off when people sign up for blogsnob and don’t put up the code….a very pretty dream journal….the Friday Five makes me stop reading….“I’m not paying $1600 for a lamp”….I do not understand celebrity-themed designs.

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  1. Paul says:


    I guess this is a kind of good news / bad news kind of comment. Thanks for visiting Privacy Digest, and your kind comments about its layout. I can’t really take full credit for it though. I modified one of the samples that came with my CMS package.. Also sorry to hear that you are pissed of about my supposedly missing BlogSnob text ad. But then one of the things that pisses me off is folks who make accusations without first checking out the facts. If you look below the row of orange XML icons you will see a little gray box. check out the links in it and you will notice that this IS the missing BlogSnob text ad. As a matter of fact I am giving out 3 times as many ad displays as I am receiving so I am definitely living up to my end of the bargain.. It is possible that it is not on all the archive pages way back in 1997 but it should be on EVERY news page since 1998.


  2. Paul again says:

    Ummm my bad … (remove foot from mouth) I guess I should have actually gotten some sleep last night. I missed the fact that the layout comment was linked and refered to another site. The one without the BlogSnob code. This made me go off and do what I said I didn’t like “people not checking their facts”. Now if only there was a way to delete my stupid comments … sigh

    A litte more humble than before,


  3. Cat says:

    Spoo! Poor Paul. I’m glad to know I’m not the only person who flies off and eats crow later.

    It’s all good.