Hard Boiled DVD

Looking for outtakes from Phantom Menace? Wacky Fight Club merchandise? A bikini-clad Aki? Grab your DVDs.

Easter eggs, a common term for fun, secret stuff thrown into software, have become common on DVDs. You can explore on your own, but some are tough to find so you may need a little help from the experts. My favorite site so far is DVD Easter Eggs, with the usual suspects you’d find on a DVD site, plus a thorough list of hidden extras. Another good site just drops the S. A bit more on the edge, you can post and discuss DVD eggs at DVD Reviewer’s Easter Egg Forum.

For me, this stuff is hours of fun on nights when I’m procrastinating. Some DVDs just have one or two real gems, while others are packed stem to stern with surprises.

Now I’m off to break my DVD player.

3 Responses to Hard Boiled DVD

  1. Jigzaw says:

    “Another good site just drops the S. A bit more on the edge”

    Now, what did ya mean by that,eh? ;p

  2. Cat says:

    I meant instead of “eastereggs” it’s “easteregg”. And where have you been? Are you back up yet??

    I just realized it was you that sent me an email with a couple attachments. Oops. I don’t open attachments unless I’m expecting them. Wanna try again?

  3. Cat says:

    As soon as I posted that I realized I missed the joke. I hate when that happens.