Portland! Bloggers!

Had a smashing time at the first ever Portland Bloggers get together. It’s a very small group right now (nine members), but five of them showed! Anyone who has ever run a group like this knows that’s a miracle, and all praise be to Jenn at Illusionare for pulling off such a comfortable gathering. Next time we’ll have to choose someplace that’s open later, since Peet’s Coffee closed and kicked our sorry asses to the street.

So who did I meet? Jenn of course. And Nick, who has been to and done all the things the rest of us want to; Angie, who reminds me of someone but I can’t put my finger on it; and Christopher, whose eyes light up when he discusses the magical thing that is The Web.

We talked about sites we all knew, sites we all should know, absent Portlanders, and great gatherings of the webbly masses.

The basic discovery of the evening: I really like my fellow Portland webheads.

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