About a Boy

Me: I suppose I should put up a new entry.
Kel: Tuesday, May 28th.
Me: But who’s counting, right?
Kel: You do have regular readers, you know.
Me: *sigh* Tomorrow. I promise.

So Kel and I went to see About a Boy, Hugh Grant’s latest flick. It didn’t change the world or me, but it was an enjoyable bit of time. The story avoids the usual cliches and turns up fresher than most of the genre.

Written and directed by the Chuck and Buck folks, you would expect the soundtrack to contain the Earworm of Doom, but in fact Badly Drawn Boy does most of the songs, and it’s great. I’ll be buying that one.

The big flaw is the main character. Hugh Grant plays Will, who is isolated, does nothing, and is essentially a blank slate until he begins interacting with the boy, Marcus. I’ve never met a blank slate. While they may exist, I rather doubt it. Everyone has something they love, something that makes them individual. Will is more of an archetype than a real person. This is fine, but it sticks out among a cast of perfectly natural, if odd, folks.

I’d recommend About a Boy for an evening of light viewing. The performances are good, the writing is good, and the soundtrack is happy-making.

4 Responses to About a Boy

  1. Jenn says:

    I heard that the ending of the movie was completely different than the ending in the book – and I really like the way the book went. Not sure if I want to watch it and spoil my opinion of the story.

  2. Tracee says:

    There are, in fact, blank slates of people. While he was more so than most (he had lots of money), they are around. I knew one. She didn’t care about anything. Nothing. Who knwos where she is now, but she honestly didn’t care. And when I saw the movie I actually thought, “Wow, he reminds me of Kaye….”

  3. Cat says:

    Day-um. I’m glad I don’t know anyone like that.

  4. Sen says:

    *stares blankly*