I used to have a friend named Cathy who was instinctively good with symbols. She knew how to use and interpret them as naturally as some have an aptitude for math.

She taught me a symbolic visualisation that she said would tell her all about me. Because you can’t peek at the end first, I’ll put up the interpretive part tomorrow. Write down your answers to the bolded text as you go:

You are walking through a meadow toward a forest on the other side. The sky is clear, and it’s a perfect day. You are neither too cold nor too hot, and the meadow is quiet except for the sounds of birds and insects. A tiny breeze stirs the grass as you walk.

You come to the edge of the forest and you notice a path leading inside. You step on to the path and start into the forest. Describe the path, and how you feel. How are you travelling the path?

You are now deep inside the forest. Smell the air, feel the temperature of the woods on your skin. Describe the forest. Are there many trees or a few? How tall are they? How far apart are they?

As you are walking in the forest, you see a small object on the ground up ahead. Walk to it, pick it up. It is a key. Describe the key. Is it new? Old? Heavy or light? What do you do with the key?

Continuing through the forest, you see a tiny sparkle of water through the trees. You follow it to discover a pond. Describe the pond. Large or small? How deep is the pond? Is it murky or clear? What do you do at the pond?

You leave the pond and continue on the path through the woods. The path leads you out of the woods and into another meadow on the other side. There is a small hill. Up at the top of the hill, there is a house. Walk up to the house. Describe the house. Are there lots of windows? Can you see inside? Does it look sturdy? New or old? What color is it? What do you do at the house?

You leave the house and continue on the path, which leads to the bottom of the hill and goes on for some time. At last, you come to a wall crossing the path. You cannot get around it. Describe the wall. What do you do at the wall?

That’s the end of the visualisation. Tomorrow I’ll tell you what all those symbols mean. At least according to Cathy.

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