Symbols: The Interpretation

NOTE: If you haven’t done the visualisation below, don’t read this entry, or it will be spoiled.

Once you know what the symbol represents, interpretation is pretty straightforward, so I won’t go deeply into that.

Here’s the skinny:

The meadow is just to get you relaxed. On to the forest path…

THE PATH is the course of your life. Is it winding or straight? The less it winds, the further ahead you feel you can see. Is it paved? Rocky? How hard is your life right now? Mine is paved, and curves gently. Yeah, I have it e-z.

THE FOREST represents your friends. Are there a lot of them, packed tightly? Is the forest deep and mysterious, or light and airy? How sturdy are the trees–in other words–how much can/do you depend upon your friends? My forest is shaded but not dark. The trees are tall, and widely spaced.

THE KEY is your father. What you do with it is your relationship. My key is old and rusted, but I put it in my pocket in case it’s good for something someday.

THE POND is your mother. Again, what you do with the pond is your relationship. My pond is a little cool, but inviting. I swim a little before continuing.

THE HOUSE is yourself. The amount of interior you can see is how open you are with others. Its sturdiness is a measure of security. A house is also a common dream symbol for the self, and I have watched my house change tremendously over the years. When I first did this meditation, I had a little brick house with tiny windows. I’ll talk more about the house thing tomorrow.

THE WALL is death. How the wall looks and what you do at it describes your attitude about death. Mine is a bit tall, and made of painted white stone. I’m still convinced I can climb over.

The meditation is a lot of fun to walk a friend through face to face. Some things may be off, but I found enough of it to be bang-on to make it interesting.

3 Responses to Symbols: The Interpretation

  1. Sae says:

    Okay… I threw my Dad over the Wall of Death. Aren’t I nice!

  2. Cat says:

    Well, since I would interpret that as meaning your dad is immortal–sure!

  3. rumbanik says:

    *First time commenter* – Blogsnob brought me here.

    Cool little ditty there. It kinda fits, too, all the symbolism. Weeeiiiird. =) I’m gonna try it on my friends and log the answers.

    Oh and I know this isn’t on the same topic as your big news above, but congrats all the same on your marriage news. =)

    Keep up the good writes.