I often remember many of my dreams. Last night they were vivid, travelling from one exotic locale to another. Many of them involved filming. Gee, wonder why.

The best bit was one beautiful image:

In some southern country, there is a white stucco mansion with a garden and pools jutting out into the beach. Surrounding the garden is a chest-high wall. The water immediately surrounding the wall is about calf deep, becoming deeper only a few feet out.

A friend and I are leaning against the outside of the wall, looking in at something being filmed in the gardens. Various sea creatures brush past our ankles.

I look down, and notice the water is black with schools of fish. I’m astounded–I’ve never seen anything like it. When I look closer, I see it is density and shadows that produce the blackness, because the fish themselves are of two species–one a very pale yellow, and the other bright gold. I gently scoop a double handful of water, and there are ten or so fish in my hands.

I do love fish. Maybe it’s time for an aquarium to entertain the cats.

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