The shot: a mirror reflecting a sparkly shower curtain. Titles appear on the mirror bit by bit, written in lipstick. As each “card” is up, it is shown for a second or two, then wiped away.

The technique: shooting the mirror at an angle, and getting fairly close. Not using the macro lense for focus because the frame is too small, but instead going to 7.5mm and lighting the hell out of the room. Setting the intervalometer so I can scribble a small bit and duck out. Scribble, duck. Scribble, duck. Scribble, duck. Scribble, duck.

The setup: lots of cheap lipstick–three different colors, a bowl full of wadded paper towels that are pre-sprayed with cleaner.

The result: sore feet. Really sore feet. I need (a lot) more lipstick, something to sit on while the camera clicks away a few seconds, and masking tape to delineate the frame better. I also need another day or so.

If it works, it will be cool.

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