The First Shoot

The scene: A woman walks into the bathroom, stares in the mirror, fills the sink, and washes off her makeup. It’s all quite dramatic with candles and lighting and splashing and what not.

By 10:15am the cast and crew (all three of us) were assembled in my apartment. We chatted a bit, and Lynn got into wardrobe. I took a look at the camera that had been checked out and discovered it didn’t have slomo. Eep!

So back to the Film Center with Marisa, while I ran Lynn through rehearsals.

Back with a great camera–all sorts of wonderful bells and whistles. We set up the scene and try to run a little film through. Click. Click. The camera was jammed, and would only run at 1 or 9 fps. We needed 18. Sigh.

Lynn and Marisa headed back to check out a camera each, just in case. I stayed back and got permission to shoot in the apartment’s hallways, and scouted some good locations for interesting shots.

At last back with a good camera (or two) and burritos for lunch, we shot some good stuff. We took turns on the camera as much as possible, getting more than one set of eyes for each shot. Five hours later, we wrapped for the day.

I’m one tired Kitty. At least until Bill gets here in 90 minutes.

2 Responses to The First Shoot

  1. Lilly says:

    Yay Bill’s arriving!!!

    Miss you,
    Your busy Twinnie

  2. Cat says:

    There you are! I miss you so much!!!