Political Suicide

Wanted: Six anti-corporation idealists, willing to have a political career for just a few years. Here’s the plan:

For the first ten years, you’ll have to betray everything you believe in and play up to the big money.

After ten years, if you are not elected to a position of considerable power, you may do whatever you like. If you have used the corporations effectively enough and have been elected to power, use your term (and there will be only one) in office to betray them. Follow your conscience and fight for every cause that cannot fund a campaign. If possible, make a difference. As you’ll never be funded again, you can retire at this point.

Insertion of suicide pols will be staggered by a few years, and the next one should be right behind you.

1 Responses to Political Suicide

  1. Cat says:

    Before anyone jumps in to tell me I’m crazy–I know this isn’t really a viable idea. It’s full of holes because it doesn’t consider things like the voters or flaws in human nature.

    It might not even be a good idea. I just thought it was interesting.

    That’s what I get for watching Bulworth again.