Slap slap

I have two keys for my apartment, a regular door key I keep in my right front pocket, and a card key I keep in my wallet.

Every morning as I walk out the building door, I do a quick slap on front and back pockets to make sure I have everything. Each time I do this I chuckle to myself–how silly is it to make sure you have something that you’ve never forgotten?

Well, here’s to paranoid habits. This morning I did the back pocket tap and discovered I was about to be locked out of my building. No wallet. My ring clanked against the door frame as I caught it, saving myself. What a goob I am. But at least I’m a cautious goob.

2 Responses to Slap slap

  1. amancay says:

    if only i were so consistently cautious… people regularly end up at my site searching for “locked keys in car” or “locked out”

  2. Cat says:

    Well, at least you’re getting hits out of it. 😉