I’ve been mulling over what I should do for the Blogathon. I would like to have some fun with it, but I’ll also be busy with admin, so it can’t be too strenuous.

My original plan was to post one of Bill’s photographs every hour, and for the half-hour posts I would do some fascinating news of the weird bit. I’ve always loved mysteries and wonders, and I thought it would make for an entertaining 24 hours.

On the other hand, I have a film proposal due about that time, so storyboards are also a possibility. If I even use them–it’s montage and may not require storyboarding.


I think I like the first idea best. Not very thematic, but who cares. It will be fun.

Also: I hope everyone who visits frytopia and enjoys my rants will sponsor, if only for a small amount. To pitch in, click here. I’m blogging for Book Aid.

2 Responses to Blogathoughts

  1. Tracee says:

    Hey, speaking of silliness, where would we sumbit the stunts we are pulling, and the cam addresses?

  2. Cat says:

    Be patient. All will be announced in a few days. 🙂