Good Sleep (TMI alert!)

This is a bit of a TMI, but I have to share it.

I have mild sleep apnea. That means I stop breathing when I sleep, just for a second. Most of the time I sleep through it, but often I wake up gasping for air. The result is always a groggy, ugly morning because I haven’t slept well.

A few nights ago I decided to try one of those nose strips. You stick them on your nose while you sleep and it helps with breathing. This is helpful when you have allergies, apnea, or snoring problems.

The damned things work.

The last few days (even sporting a throat infection) I have popped awake before my alarm, refreshed and ready to go. No waking up in the middle of the night.

I know these problems are fairly common, and get worse around allergy season. So if you haven’t tried one of those funny-looking nose strips (Breathe Right is a common brand), don’t be embarrassed. It’s worth it.

4 Responses to Good Sleep (TMI alert!)

  1. Orb says:

    I’d been thinking of trying them to as I have the same problem as you, but … isn’t it hard to fall asleep? They aren’t overly weird feeling?

  2. Cat says:

    Nope. You feel it for about ten seconds after you put it on, then nothing. I was amazed about that too.

  3. Sen says:

    The crazy things work great for snoring, too (hardly surprising, since apnea and snoring arise from the same sorts of problems). I snore like a buzzsaw without ’em (so I’m told — I never wake me up), but with these nose strips in place I’m as quiet as a church mouse in reeboks. If you’re tired of feeling horribly guilty when you wake up to find your SO has moved onto the couch, give these things a try.

  4. Orb says:

    Cool! Going to have to try them then. Going to wear one myself so I can breath, and make my SO wear one so I can sleep. 😀