The Coral Castle

“One man’s monument to love”, is an artwork of coral pieces–some weighing up to 28 tons–created by a single, diminuitive human. How he quarried, moved, and placed the coral is unknown. A natural telescope is perfectly aligned, a doorway of many tons is perfectly balanced, and the entire castle is full of mathematical clues. He worked exclusively at night, and never disturbed the neighbors. It is said that Edward Leedskalnin built the castle for his “sweet sixteen”. It’s assumed by most that he’s referring to a sweetheart. Some think he may be talking about something entirely different. Did the eccentric Leedskalnin have the secret to antigravity?

1 Responses to The Coral Castle

  1. the coral castle is a beautiful and wonderful mystery.
    happy thon! i’ll be peeking back, you’ve touched on one of my fascinations with your mysterious theme.

    for wacky things in new jersey (yes, other than the turnpike) try weirdnj.com