Watts Towers

Concluding our surreal architecture tour, we come to Watts Towers. Built over the course of 33 years, the Towers contain no bolts or welds. The lone builder, Simon Rodia, would anchor a single shaft of metal, then weave around it. Finally he would hand-cover the tower with cement and inlay bits of glass and tile. The Towers have recently been restored to their former glory. After he completed his monument, Rodia moved to California and refused ever to return to Watts.

2 Responses to Watts Towers

  1. Joseph says:

    The Watts Towers ARE in California. So how could he have built them and then moved to California?

    A two minute web search or a conversation with a Californian would have revealed this.

  2. Cat says:

    Do you realize you’ve used a rude tone to correct an entry that’s not only almost a year old, but that was posted during a Blogathon?

    Yeesh, cut me some bloody slack.