Once upon a time, like

Once upon a time, like last year, there was a field in my neighborhood (one of the last open fields around here) that everyone used to walk through. We’d walk through to get to the store, the Shari’s, the Hollywood Video. You get the idea. Then a nice international conglomerate came along and built a hotel on our field. Okay, no big deal. The hotel has pretty colors, and now the field is a friendly, paved parking lot. And we still walk through. Apparently, the people at the hotel have noticed. They don’t like us walking through their parking lot, even though it’s now even more convenient than that muddy old field ever was. They posted signs. Customers only. No trespassing. Now, I have a business, and I decide the first thing I’m gonna do is piss off the neighborhood? Needless to say, their parking-lot has become a regular pedestrian freeway since they put up the signs. The traffic is amazing. Entire families walk through just for the hell of it. “Hey, didn’t you see the sign?” “What sign? You mean the one that said ENTER?” “Yeah, that sign.” Ha.

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