The Oregon Vortex

Considering it’s in my own home state, one would think I’d have visited the Oregon Vortex. I may make the trip. Reports seem to be a mix of skepticism and reluctant belief, as I suspect the Vortex itself is a mix of hucksterism and genuine phenomena. At the Vortex, tennis balls roll uphill, perspective is skewed, and people find themselves standing at nauseating angles–when they think they are standing straight. Engineer John Litster performed thousands of experiments on the site over three decades. He corresponded with Einstein. Neither mind was able to fathom the cause of gravity’s odd behavior in the Vortex. When Litster died, he left instructions for his wife to burn all of his notes. Rumor has it he felt mankind was not ready to know the secret of the Vortex.

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    Sounds like a fun place for photos 🙂