Gravity Hills

It’s late, you’re hanging out with friends, when one of them has a bright idea. They drive you out to a country road and park at the base of a shallow hill. Outside the car is a spooky church cemetery and a spooky church to go with it. Your friend puts the car in neutral, jumps out to knock on the door of the church, and the car begins to roll backwards, up the hill! Known as Gravity Hills, these anomalies are startling, but not inexplicable. A careful survey reveals that the gentle slope is in fact not going uphill, but down. To the naked eye, however, it truly appears as if you are rolling uphill. Sounds like a great date.

1 Responses to Gravity Hills

  1. haya says:

    that’s so weird…there’s a place like that near moncton, new brunswick, and they claim that it’s one of only two places in the world like that.
    new brunswick…and china.
    that slope actually *is* uphill though. mom and dad were just there