The Jersey Devil

Beware the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. Legend has it the Jersey Devil was Mrs. Leeds’ thirteenth son, cursed to the devil on the way out. The Devil has terrorized Jersey for more than 200 years. In fact, in 1909, the creature was spotted every day for a week.

“The Lowden family awoke to find tracks from whatever had circled their house the night before. The snow had been packed down around the garbage can, with its contents half eaten and strewn across the ground. Burlington began to enter a state of panic, locking doors and windows, refusing to leave their homes, and staying in shock over night. Practically every backyard in Burlington had been scarred with footprints. The prints were unbelievable- skipping from rooftops to rooftops, randomly vanishing, leading into completely unaccessible areas… the size of the prints varied in each trail as well. Search posses formed, rewards were offered.”

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