Electronic Voice Phenomena is one of the rarer of the “supernatural” sciences–in that it is the study of something concrete. EVP are mysterious voice recordings. The source of the voice on the tape is unknown, and some believe they are the voices of deceased loved ones. This field is particularly fun, because there’s plenty to listen to, and it’s readily available.

“Many people use EVP/ITC to reach and communicate with loved ones that have passed into the next plane of existence and there are many interesting and wonderful stories that are shared. One member received an EVP message from her dead husband, but she did not believe it. He told her to take her camera, turn on the TV and take a picture. She did and could make out that it was indeed her husband.”

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  1. mike says:

    a couple of weeks ago, i started hunting down websites with ‘ghostcams’. i found the sites you linked to (wonderfully eerie), but the ghostcam sites were awesome. i snagged about 5000 shots using a hoover app, and i’m certain i caught one or two things. who knows?

    if you do a search for ‘ghostcam’ on google, you’ll be surprised what you’ll find.