Oak Island

In 1795, Daniel McGinnis discovered an odd depression in the ground on Oak Island. He and his brother began digging, and found what looked like a careful burial area. Layers of flagstone, oak, and more oak made it clear someone had buried something there.

“In 1803 the boys returned to the island with Simeon Lynds, a wealthy business man from the mainland who had secured enough capital from investors to launch a full scale excavation of the pit. The syndicate dug past 30 feet and found more oak platforms, one at every ten feet. Some of the platforms were sealed with putty and coconut fiber. Traces of charcoal were also present. At 90 feet they found a large flat stone with a message engraved upon it, apparently in a cipher. Years later it was translated to mean ‘Forty feet below two million pounds are buried.'”

It turns out the pit was a trap–intentionally set to flood with water below 90 feet. To this day, despite many efforts and tantalizing clues, the treasure remains elusive.

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