Dropa Stones

Found in caves in the BayanKara-Ula mountains between China and Tibet, the Dropa Stones present a pretty unbelievable story. First, they were discovered in caves where unusual bodies were found buried. They had small bodies and large, over-developed heads. The stones (disks, really) were found near the bodies, and are allegedly 12,000 years old. In 1962, Dr. Tsum Um Nui claimed to have interpreted the heiroglyphics. They described the crash-landing of a spaceship, and the stranding of its crew. They go on to tell the tale of a clash and eventual peace with a local tribe called the Hams. The area is now occupied by two tribes of people: the Ham and the Dropa. Diminuitive, they have an average height of 4’2″, and unusually large heads.

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