Thematically Yours

As regulars have no doubt noticed, my posting has fallen off over the last year in both quantity and quality. I think I’ve mostly been spewing my wit and personal details in other places, and I hate repeating myself. I still love this site very much, and had an idea to revitalize it.

A theme. Or, to be more precise, themes. Lots of blogs are themed, but I don’t think I know of one that chooses something to write about for a week, then moves on.

I intend to place no limits on my themes. I’d like to explore some of the things I posted during the Blogathon more thoroughly. I also plan to talk about my cats. Whatever it is, newsy, educational, personal, I’ll do about a post a day for a week, then choose something new.

At least I hope I will. I’m not exactly the queen of follow-through. But it’s a good idea, and I’ll give it the old obedience school try. I’ll begin tonight. Theme TBA.

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