After my sis moved out, I was computerless for almost a year. The horror! Finally, through the generosity of my dead grandmother, I was able to buy a brand new Aptiva. At the time it was cool. I still have it. It is no longer cool, but it does its duty.

After getting back on, I tried to re-familiarize myself with my old haunts. I came to understand web time. Nothing was familiar, and no one was around anymore.

It was at this time that Yahoo! became the center of my world. My home page is still at My Yahoo! Despite their failings, they still have the best goodies. In August of 1998, Yahoo! Clubs was opened to the public. I jumped in the first day, opening a club named Portland Oregon. It’s still around, though the switch to Groups more or less killed it.

Additionally, I opened a club for chubby folks to support each other toward healthier lifestyles. I was, and still am, extremely anti-diet, and I don’t have much patience for people who are willing to eat beets for a month to lose 10 pounds. This was my downfall, though not at first. The club was named “Support Stories Plans Pride”. I have no idea what I was thinking, so don’t ask. I’m all about being cooperative, so when other clubs came on with similar goals, I suggested a coalition. We soon formed Cousin Club Central, which had about five clubs before the end. I met a few folks through these clubs that are still my friends–we have our little corner of the web where we gossip like old hens.

The clubs were very active, and I think I was a good Founder. Regular chats, lots of updates, even an associated website (behold! Another one of my awful early designs!). The problem was this: the club naturally attracted desperate (mostly) women. I saw anorexia, exercise addiction, fad diets, and massive insecurity. Doing ugly things for all the wrong reasons. It drove me batshit. One day I couldn’t take it anymore, and I closed it all down with a post that ended: “Get off the fucking treadmill and go plant a tree.” I’d intended to leave that up for a day and then delete the club, but one of my co-founders got to it first and killed the whole thing.

Yeah, it was mean, but to this day the only thing I regret is that more people didn’t get a chance to see that final message. Hmm. Maybe this is my second chance. This is for anyone who spends massive amounts of time and energy making sure they conform to society’s idea of beauty: GET OFF THE FUCKING TREADMILL AND GO PLANT A TREE!

Heh. That felt good.

Next: Rediscovering old friends.

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  1. peggy says:

    It’s interesting to get a perspective on the web from someone who has so much history in (with? around? whatever) it. I am so new, you are so experienced. I like your “theme” approach, and will follow closely. Thanks.