Fragged and Stoned

Poking around in ’99, I had a couple of hangouts. Places where I probably got far too involved.

Soon after its launch, I jumped on board at Fragx, an interactive, collaborative, experimental writing site. The 200 word limit was a creative springboard. I wrote quite a bit, but as the site became more popular, the usual happened. Problem children. Back then, I just wasn’t of a mind to deal with it. I tried to bail, but curiousity about how my work was faring kept me returning. In order to concentrate on other projects, I finally had to pull most of my work and walk away. It was sad.

In researching this, I decided to see how the old site was. I found it missing! I went through my old addresses and found John Casler, the founder, with whom I had become friends while I was fragging. I wrote him a quick hello, and he responded with an odd coincidence: he just happened to be bringing the site back. Joy! It was good to talk to Cas again, and it feels like a second chance. I think I’ll have another go.

Coming on the heels of Fragx was the deeply involving puzzle game, The Stone. We “stoners” spent hours on end hacking at complex and difficult puzzles, and forming a tight community. For a while, I organized something of an underground group looking for the underlying meaning to the puzzles. Then all heck broke loose. The people with the initial idea had a falling out with the people doing the writing. The idea people won, but much of the intrinsic mystery was lost, gone with their brilliant craftsman, J. I might have stayed still, but the politics became more than a mouthful. Yes, the secret site is still up somewhere. No, I’m not telling you where.

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