I want one of those!

I do not remember precisely how I stumbled on to blogs. I used to read Wired avidly, so I suspect I may have seen an article there, or in another magazine. I do remember (after giving it some thought) the first blog I ever read. I also read Andrea at Girlhero, though she seems to be gone.

It was a revelation.

I’d been poking around at making my own site for a while, but this was it. This was the format I’d been wanting. In May 2000, I signed on with Blogger got going. This is what it looked like. Years later, one of the nicest things anyone ever said to me about my site was: “when I think of frykitty, I think of Chuck Taylors.” I still have those shoes. I’m wearing them to my wedding.

Next: up to the present.

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