Frytopia and friends

I’m an idea person. If I followed through on half the things that pop into my head, I’d have to quit work. There are a couple of ideas I’m glad I implemented.

A few years ago I finally rented the movie Strictly Ballroom. I thought the lead, Paul Mercurio, needed a spot in my Crush section, so I looked around on the web for some info. I found very, very little. What I did find was intriguing. So I kept digging. While I’d occasionally stumble on to something substantial in an archive, there was no comprehensive fansite for him. I thought everyone had a fansite. I decided this interesting career needed a spot on the web. Thus was born Paul Mercurio Online. In the process of creating the site, I contacted people who happened to know Paul. Naturally, when I informed them that the site was live, they passed the news along. Paul was in contact the day after launch. Since then we’ve become web friends, and he even has his own blog on the site. I’m glad I took a chance at putting PMO together, as it turns out Paul is a truly nice person. It was great to have a hand in giving him a voice on the web.

The next story I’m guessing everyone knows: On July 29, 2000, I decided to blog for 24 hours straight. I did it, posting every 15 minutes for the whole time. I still get a kick out of reading the entries from that day. When July 2001 came around, I wanted to do it again–but not alone, and not for nothing. I asked around to see if anyone would join me in blogging for charity. Go for 24 hours, collect sponsors, have them donate to the charity at the end. As a result of some unexpected publicity the ‘thon took off like a shot, attracting over 100 bloggers and raising over $20,000 for charities worldwide. With success like that, it had to become an annual event. Blogathon 2002 just ended, with double the number of bloggers and a total of over $58k raised. We’re already planning for next year.

Also this year I did a very fun project called Random Valentine. Bill says he doesn’t mind if I do it again next year. He’s not the jealous type.

What will the next big thing be? This one is a group project I’m doing with the Portland Bloggers, and it will be unveiled in the next few weeks. I’m very excited to do something for my hometown.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Senn says:

    He’s not the jealous type.

    ~I did mention that I’ll be taking out a hit on every entrant — didn’t I?~