The Passion of Ayn Rand


It isn’t really a review, but a funny anecdote. If you don’t plan on seeing the movie (which wasn’t bad, and Helen Mirren did a bang-up job as Ayn) some time soon, read on…

Many moons ago, in my quest to understand my own and others’ psyches, I bought a book by the “father of self-esteem”, a psychologist named Nathaniel Branden. It’s still on my shelf. I haven’t gone all the way through it, because frankly it’s a little dry. Interesting, but pedantic.

So…I’m watching this movie and one of the main characters is a man who fell in love with Ayn Rand. He and Ayn got official permission from their pissed off spouses to have an affair within specified parameters. Because they were intellectual equals, Ayn justified this under some pretense of seeking an ideal, or whatever. He boffed her brains out through the end of the “Atlas Shrugged” project.

Then, he starts another affair with a third woman who was not his intellectual equal. This being a cardinal sin for an objectivist, I guess. To top things off, when his wife finds someone she’s interested in, and in honesty asks for consent, he refuses on the basis that her fella is not her intellectual equal–this while he’s fucking a halfwit.

Finally, Ayn finds out (from his wife, who is also close to Ayn), slaps the shit out of him and disowns him.

Guess who?

I looked up his institute after the movie, and was astonished to find some of his ideas…familiar. What a giggle. Now I have to finish that book.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Real life is always more interesting. Reel Life is just an imitation.