I have returned from Oz

I had the most fantastic time.

Bill’s parents (hi Judith and Barry!) are wonderful, and we hit it off famously. I’m officially hooked on Judith’s Anzac cookies. I love my new family.

I landed, grubby but excited, on Sunday, 29 September. Bill met me at the airport (YAY! How I’d missed him!) and we went to his flat to get me cleaned up. Sadly, there were no snakes in evidence. We then headed off to Maroochydore (which I mispronounced “Moocherydore”) and the beaches of Queensland, to meet the ‘rents.

The weather was perfect almost the whole time I was there–it’s like Australia was being nice to the hot weather wimp.

I’ll be going over the cool stuff we did in later entries. To start, a few general things about Queensland:

  1. Toilets are plastic, not porcelain. They usually have two flush buttons (yes, buttons), one for a half flush and one for a full. The half flush is monstrous. The full flush must reduce sea levels.
  2. Queenslanders (in general) are white, impolite, and not bright. They drive so badly (consistent tailgating, pulling in front of other drivers) that I was constantly on edge in the car. But hey, Queensland isn’t Sydney, so I knew what to expect. Let’s just say I understand completely why Bill is happy to come to the States.
  3. The other kind of Queenslander is neat. Built for staying cool, the Queensland house is built on stilts, and often the lower story is walled with wood panels in a crosshatch or vertical pattern. Wrap-around verandahs are the norm, and a favorite railing is of intricate iron filigree, painted white. Finally, the front door will align with the back door for catching a cross breeze.
  4. Australian money is pretty.

9 Responses to I have returned from Oz

  1. Tracy says:

    Welcome home. I’m glad the trip went well and I look forward to hearing all of the details.

  2. Manda says:

    Aussie money is pretty (love the plastic bills) but very heavy. Their coinage are whoppers. When I came back after two months in Oz and NZ I was convinced that they had shrunk all the quarters while I was gone.

    I didn’t meet any rude Queenslanders, but I was only in Brisbane for a week and most of my time was spent around the idiotic American college students from my group. By comparison all the locals were charming.

    Did you go up to Beerwah? Have a little Crocodile Hunter pilgrimage? 😉

  3. Cat says:


    Brisbane is a bit better than other parts of the state just because it’s a city. Still encountered some ick there though. And yes indeedy, there will be pics from Beerwah! 😀

  4. J says:

    🙂 So when is he moving to the US? Or is it the other way around?

  5. Cat says:

    Hey J!

    Hrm. I know at least three mysterious people with the first initial J, one of whom goes by J. Anyway…

    He moves here on December 23rd. He even has a job already! We’re excited, but we don’t get to see one another again before then. 🙁

  6. J says:

    That’s not too bad. It’ll be December before you know it. Until then, just remember to keep yourself well-stocked with those batteries. 😉

    PS – I’m that J, methinks.

  7. Cat says:

    Batteries, eh? Now I know exactly which J this is. 😀

  8. J says:

    Really, now? 😉

  9. David says:

    Dear Kitty

    As a Queenslander (though one in exile), I must disagree with your overgeneralisations regarding those that reside in God’s own country. Your statement could in itself be seen as quite impolite. Most of the Queenslanders I know are friendly, polite and have reasonable driving skills.