Answer the Phone

The woman was constantly on edge, waiting for the next thing the house would do. She had become increasingly afraid of her four-year-old daughter, as the girl seem undisturbed, even supportive, of the terrors her mother endured.

Still, she made a brave face and sat on the couch next to her little girl, reading a novel quietly as her daughter looked through a picture book.

Through the archway to the kitchen, she saw the receiver of the wall-mounted phone fall off, as if it were pushed. Horror and despair colored the woman’s face. The little girl giggled and asked: “Mommy, why are you scared?”

The rotary dial began to turn.

As the numbers ratcheted, she was unable to resist getting up from the couch and walking slowly toward the dialing phone. Faintly, she heard the ring on the other end. She crouched to pick up the receiver. Once it was in hand, she slumped on the floor, bringing the ringing to her ear. A click, and something was on the other end. She heard a familiar giggle. She paled. Through a tinny connection came: “Mommy, why are you scared?”

Yeah, I have weird dreams, but at least they’re cinematic.

5 Responses to Answer the Phone

  1. J says:

    I love cinematic dreams.


    P.S. – Good to have you back. Had fun much?

  2. Cat says:

    It was a blast. Best. Vacation. Ever.

  3. Illusionaire says:

    So you are writing a screenplay based on that, right?

  4. Cat says:

    Bill and I like to write together, but we’re too busy to finish anything right now. I may keep this for a future treatment. It spooked me out real good-like.

  5. Really reminds me of “I AM your daughter” in The Others.