Immigration is complicated.

After several weeks of trying to figure things out by surfing the web and calling people who should know, Bill and I gave up and hired a nice lawyer. I know she’s nice because her receptionist has a nose ring.

She walked us through the necessaries. We found it was going to cost us a lot of money, but save us a lot of grief. But there was one question we didn’t get a great answer to: when could Bill come home?

Here’s the thing: Legally, as long as Bill is returning to Australia, he can come home any time. Fine, we said, he’ll go back for the medical exam, the other visa stuff, and to see his (hi Judith and Barry!) parents some more. But will that be enough? Well, not really. You see, the security folks at the airport are trained to send you right back home if they suspect you have “immigrant intentions”, and may squat in the US. So, if you say you’re visiting your wife…back on the plane with you. No, it doesn’t make sense. I’ve since learned from friends who’ve been through it that US Immigration is notoriously capricious.

We tried to waterproof his arrival–he has a round-trip ticket, and several stamps in his passport that show he’s come and gone in good faith. We knew they probably would just wave him through–but the alternative was horrible to contemplate. As the time got nearer, we both became more and more nervous. I’ve been a mess for a week.

Tonight was the big night. He flew out of Sydney this morning, and was to pass immigration in Honolulu. I just got a call–Bill is coming home.

He’ll be bored for a while as he can’t work until the visa is processed, but who cares…he’ll be here. I cannot express how relieved I am. I think I’ll get some sleep.

5 Responses to Home!

  1. J&B says:

    Housework sounds a great alternative to boredom –
    and shopping and cooking……G’day Kitty, we wish you luck with this…Love and kisses to you both.
    J & B

  2. Trubie says:

    Congrats, Kitty! Yes, the INS is a fickle, difficult to work with thing. I have to admit, though, that I’m jealous. Your Bill can come stay with you – it’s easier because of that little marriage certificate – but it’s virtually impossible for the Kiwi to come and stay. Unless, you know, she immigrates to Mexico and then sneaks over the border….

    No, I’m not bitter 🙂

  3. Jerwin says:

    So happy 4 u!


  4. lia says:

    Good for you! If you guys feel like spoiling yourselves with another vacation anytime soon, New York is lovely in the winter.

    Hint, hint.

  5. Jerwin says:

    Is he here yet? Is he here yet?