“Hhhhaaaah,” he hissed, fascinated by his hot breath hitting the cold air. “I’m Puff the Magic Dragon,” he steamed. “RAOOOOORRR!”

3 Responses to Puff

  1. matt says:

    Maybe he’ll learn to love the coldcool* yet!

    *Well, I mean, it is only Portland.

  2. Paul says:

    always loved Puff The Magic Dragon. Why? Because he was who he was – just another magic dragon – and perhaps because a little piece of him lives on in me!

  3. salt says:

    You two are endearingly cute these days.

    ♥ Smoochback ♥ for the card. And I haven’t had a chance to talk with the postmistress, but I look forward to the conversation regarding just how that card was addressed.