Wet Lorikeets

If you don’t mind rain, may I make a suggestion? Go to the zoo.

Bill and I went to The Oregon Zoo on Saturday, and had the place practically to ourselves. Oh boy, did we ever have fun.

I can’t think of a lot of things more beautiful than a pair of tigers pacing their territory. I hadn’t been to the zoo (except for zoolights) in quite a few years, so I got to do a lot of oohing and ahhing. The enclosures for the marine life are especially impressive. I was literally inches from a massive, graceful Stellar sea lion, as well as a fierce looking croc.

But better than being inches away, is being not away at all! There’s now a lorikeet enclosure where you are in among the birds. You can buy nectar at the door to feed the greedy little critters. At one time I had five perched on me in one spot or another. One fella was particularly fond of sitting on my left shoulder and squawking directly into my ear. I loved it. Next time, I’m getting two cups of nectar.

After three hours of wandering about, we still missed major chunks of the park. The place is critter Disneyland. I’ve always loved the attitude of the Oregon Zoo–they are all about conservation, and they’ve always strived to make the animals more and more comfortable. The enclosures are large, and made to resemble the animal’s native habitat as much as possible. Lots of room to roam. The only miserable animals there were miserable because of, well, the rain. Poor things.

2 Responses to Wet Lorikeets

  1. laura says:

    gosh it’s been ages since i’ve been to the zoo! last time if i recall correctly was about this time of the year and the rain was coming DOWN. nothing quite says desperation like having to hiddle in teh back of bat cages for warmth (those bat’s are just plain indecent!) is it true that there’s a certian day of the week you can get into the oregon zoo for no charge? i would love to take another trip down there.

  2. Bill says:

    From their website: “Visit the zoo FREE on the second Tuesday of every month 1 pm until closing”.