Grass Roots Propaganda

This is unbelievable. I wonder if these people are real.

Every time I think I’m too paranoid about the media manipulation on the right, they go me one better.

5 Responses to Grass Roots Propaganda

  1. bluedog says:

    A little paranoia is a good thing!!!!

    and Rantalicious??? what’s thattttttt? Such a great word and will be an even better word when i find out what it means!

  2. Cat says:

    “Rantalicious” is a combination of “delicious” and “rant”. It’s what I use to go on about politics, society, and those darned kids these days.

  3. Evelyn says:

    Great word, Cat!!! I think I might just have to include it into my active English vocab. And don’t get me started about politics … esp. in this country right now (not that it is all that much better in mine, if at all …) I’ll hold my tongue, or else I might get myself into serious trouble. Someone in this big great country is a little too afraid of “us foreigners” …

    On a completely different note, I absolutely loved your essay on “what I want in a man.” Very funny, but also to the point. My sister recently challenged me to write such a list/essay, although I haven’t written mine yet, at this point I can only produce the “what I do NOT want in a man” version … That one seems soooooo much easier to write.

  4. Cat says:


    WRITE THAT LIST! Make it short and sincere. I credit that list with helping me find my husband. Honestly, there are other things I didn’t put on the list–I knew we’d have to have similar religious and political preferences as well. The point is, I knew what I wanted. So when I found it, I *pounced* (and so did he, for much the same reason). There was no “is this what I really want?” I knew. Knowing is invaluable.

  5. Evelyn says:

    Cat, I will write it soon! {the latter word could of course vary quite significantly in terms of what actual time that will translate into} but right now my writing is focused on finishing my doctoral thesis (except for emails, posting here and on Paul’s Corner) and as I am on the final stretch, I’m going to keep racing along that path until I hit the finish line before engaging in funner writing projects. But your piece has inspired me quite a bit in terms of figuring out what I want and to approach it from a more positive angle an not from the what I don’t want angle (not that that isn’t an important one to be aware of either). I know having similar religious and political preferences is important, but right now I’m not sure what my religious prefernces are. I’m kind of in a transition phase (if it’s even that and not something else) and I am not sure where I’m going and that complicates matters for right now. I’ll let you know how that piece is coming along, but I don’t think I’ll post mine in quite such a public fashion as you did. 🙂 although I’m not complaining as it’s giving me ideas. Thanks!!!