I don’t do this very often anymore, but sometimes I run across a site that simply must be mentioned.

Alas, A Blog is one of the best reads I’ve seen in ages. Entries are well-considered and even-handed. The writing is bright and easy to follow–especially for slackers like me to won’t scroll unless they are compelled by the content.

For an added treat, the author is a cartoonist, and a good one.

So go heap praise on him already.

5 Responses to Alas

  1. Ampersand says:

    Well, neat! Thank you!

    I’ve never seen this blog before, but I have to tell you off the bat, I really like the design!

  2. Ampersand says:

    Wait, I’m wrong – I have been here before, I’ve even linked to here before. I’m sorry, I’m lame soemtimes. 🙂

  3. Cat says:

    Yes, I think I remembered you lurking somewhere in the cobwebs of my memory. Thick cobwebs, these.

    Hell, you were probably my blog of the day two years ago or something. It’s a small web. 😉

    PS: Are you in Portland?

  4. Ampersand says:

    Without the cobwens holding everything together, I’d have no memory at all!

    And yes, I’m another Portlander. (Transplanted – I moved here from the east coast seven years ago).

  5. Cat says:


    Okay, I know you know about Portlandweb. Come meet the rest of us? There’s a great portland bloggers group that meets at Kell’s once a month. It’s on the calendar. We communicate via . It would be smashing if you could drop by.