Gee, the press lies?

Last week, the assistant manager at my apartment complex asked if I could talk to a reporter. There had been a tragic incident (a woman was murdered) in one on the buildings. She wanted some long-time residents to speak to this reporter.

As soon as he started talking, I knew he had an angle–and a bad one. He told me that some residents referred to the apartment complex as a “luxury ghetto”. I gave him nothing he wanted. I’ve never had problems here, and this is an absolutely great place to live. Nonetheless, I knew he’d write a smear piece.

I was right.

Today the complex actually distributed a letter of apology to every tenant, for the article, and for the people who were misquoted and misrepresented. The reporter made up the vast majority of the article from whole cloth. He spun, he twisted, and he lied. I’m sure he’ll have a great career.

2 Responses to Gee, the press lies?

  1. Evelyn says:

    Sorry, Cat, that you were pulled into that. You didn’t deserve that, nor does anyone else. Why did they even bother to interview you in the first place, if they weren’t interested thus wasting your time? I’d be a lot angrier than you seem to be, but I guess there’s not all that much you can do. The article is a “bit” too one-sided, which in and of itself would make me suspicious. Why is it so difficult for people to be fair and respectful of others?

  2. Orb says:

    He makes it sound like you are living in a war zone! I’m sure it’s not THAT bad is it? Lesson to be learned … never, EVER, speak to reporters.