Peaceful Weekend

Ah, finally my husband is back from a two week, involuntary sojourn in Oz. We gots to do what the INS says. Wah.

Just an hour after he came back, it was time to head out again to join the march. Thank goodness he slept on the plane. I don’t know how long the route was, but by the end of it I was good and tired. Bill had brought some bubbles that didn’t pop so easily as most, and I had a great time blowing them into the crowd and watching them stick to signs and people. My favorite sign: “Make crepes, not war.” Bill’s fave: “Fuck your freedom fries!”

Tonight we attended a candlelight vigil in Pioneer Square. Okay, a flashlight vigil–candles aren’t allowed. About 2-300 people showed up at this event, but there were other vigils all over the city. Check out pics from the vigils around the world.

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