Alienation of Affection

She still loves me. She still comes to me for affection (when there’s no alternative), and guards me when I shower, and looks at me with big, adoring eyes.

But she loves him more.

The small cat is officially a “daddy’s girl”. When Bill and I are sitting side by side, she will gravitate to his lap. Oh, she’ll get up once in a while and slink over to me…then turn right around and go back to him. And let’s face it, he’s a big ole sucker for it.

I take solace in the fact that the large cat hates him.

2 Responses to Alienation of Affection

  1. Cat says:


    Honestly, it’s cute as hell that the small cat has taken to Bill so well. And I do wish large cat would stop being such a pain.

    Well, as long as she doesn’t abandon me too.

  2. t r a c y says:

    reminds me of when my cat seemed to come to love my husband slightly more than me. i was a bit unreasonably crushed by the whole affair but got used to it. years later there was an occasion where my husband yelled and raised his hand to me whereupon the cat lunged into his thigh and sank his fangs in all the way. after that the love was gone entirely and i’m pretty sure the cat would have signed the divorce papers along with me, if he’d been capable of such a thing 😀