Kudos to da Koppers

I’ve said some unkind things about Chief Kroeker, but now I have to admit I am most impressed with the way he has learned this city.

The police are to be commended for their handling of the protests yesterday. Normally, I am sickened when I see footage of officers using pepper spray, or any force, against a crowd. When I saw the film of the Steel Bridge disturbance, I saw a calm, measured action, carried out with the utmost restraint. The police reacted only to violence. Non-violent protestors were treated very well, and with great patience.

Praise also goes to the vast majority of the protestors: they made their point without violence. Especially high praise to those sitters who stayed, exemplifying the practice of civil disobedience, until they were dragged away (carefully) one by one.

With the exception of a small group of radicals–whom I consider to be bullies and cowards who have no true care for the cause–this City did itself proud.

ADDENDUM: I forgot to mention KOIN 6 News. While KATU and KGW were screaming fear and hyperbole, KOIN’s onsite reporting, especially from Joel Iwanaga, was calm and fair.

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  1. Brigitte says:

    Hi there Cat – yes I’m still around 😉 !
    Little comment from the opposite side of the globe:
    There are peace rallies here in Cologne almost every day as well and the ones that I’ve been to so far have (thankfully) been exactly what it’s all about, namely peaceful.

    Wednesday Robert and I were walking around the old parts of the city along the River Rhine (where all the tourists go) when we came across a pub that had a big sign out saying “BEER: for opponents of war 1 Euro – for idiots 2 Euros”. Loved the proprietor’s plain&simple way of putting things. If it hadn’t been so late and one of us hadn’t had to drive, that could have become quite a boozy night… 🙂 The place was crowded by the way…

    We’re watching the news programmes aghast! *Shocked and awed* indeed!!
    Let’s carry on with the vigils and demos, no matter how powerless we feel and how futile it may seem!!!