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I think it was a couple weeks ago I found out I was on Blogshares. I didn’t look that closely at the time, though it looked cool. Now all my friends are into it, and I’m finding it’s sorta fun. I have a lot of Izzle Pfaff! shares (and you can’t have ’em!).

So I thought I’d put up an entry and claim my own blog. Mine! MINEMINEMINE!

So there.

4 Responses to Blogshares

  1. senn says:


    @Except that I own nearly 20% of the shares.@ Hee.

  2. senn says:

    Update: I now own more than 20%, and am the second-largest stockholder. Soon, I will have a controlling interest — muahahaha!

  3. Cat says:


  4. senn says:

    We ~financial~ types prefer the term “leveraged buy-out”; so much less prejudicial to the shareholders, don’t you think? (Muahahahaha!)